“If we are to preserve culture we must continue to create it.”

                                                 Johan Huizinga.

Hi! I am Hind.

“I am an Strategic-Communications-specialist-turned-entrepreneur who truly believes that we only evolve when we develop compassion, unity and humbleness to understand that you can learn from everyone.

I grew up in Morocco and lived in France, The United Kingdom, The United Arab Emirates and now in Germany.”

“I am naturalised German but I still consider myself  an immigrant. The most challenging part of my integration process was to find the right place for me in my host society. Parenthood was my strongest motivation as it made me realize that what I have labelled “host-society” is my child’s home. I had to actively and consciously develop a sense of belonging not to create any confusion or contradiction in my son’s personality.

The first lesson I have learnt is that belongingness goes beyond finding new bearings or simply building networks. It is about all the meaningful contributions we can make.

Everyday I challenge myself to find that perfect balance between my multiple and layered personal, social and cultural identities. In a modern society, where there is ever more choice of entertainment and literature, I strongly believe there is a place for re-discovering and re-connecting with our roots.

That’s how the idea behind Kanzyana was born… A start-up that aims to offer educational resources to build bridges between cultures in a fun and attractive way for children.

Kanzyana is dedicated to the creation of enriching and high quality educational resources and content for Moroccan families raising children abroad. Our aim is to build balanced and healthy cultural and identity bridges.

Kanzyana’s material is designed to empower and accompany you in your parenting journey. Our mission is to nurture children’s curiosity, develop their cognitive skills, help them appreciate their unique identity and get in touch with their roots.

Kanzyana means “My Treasure” in Arabic and this is how I perceive my identity as well as the cultural heritage, languages and knowledge I want to share with my child and with the world.

My objective is to unpack these treasures and translate them for the modern world.“

The importance of Kanzyana at a time of uncertainty

At Kanzyana we believe in social integration as a two-way process, of acceptance and of welcome. Our voices and stories as immigrant parents, need to be part of the conversation on social integration. Immigration poses significant pressures for immigrant parents. In addition to preserving our own cultural identity, we are also faced with the complex task of parenting our children within a new culture. In this context, it can become a real challenge to support our children and contribute to their positive adaptation.

The purpose of Kanzyana is to offer innovative and modern educational resources and tools reinforce and nurture our children’s complex identity but also expose children from different backgrounds to the diversity the world has to offer. In the process I would also like to start a honest discussion about raising a child on foreign ground and letting go of our own limiting believes and fears.

I hope you like, relate and engage with the content you find on here and continue to follow me on this exciting and challenging journey. 


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