Fair and Square


This is the story of a lion, a fox and a wolf.

One day, the three animals went out hunting together. It was a rather productive hunt. By the end of the day they had managed to catch a zebra, a hare and a goose.

The lion was powerful but far from being a skilled hunter. The wolf caught the zebra and the goose while the fox caught the hare. The three “friends” were very proud of their achievement.

Then it was time to eat…

The lion roared: “Let’s divide the prey fairly among us! Who wants to do it?”

The wolf who caught the biggest animals said ” By God, this is a great idea! I will do it! “

He took the hare and put it in front of the fox, the goose was given to the lion and he claimed the fat zebra for himself.

“I think this is fair enough! What do you both think?” said the wolf.

The fox remained silent but the lion was clearly not happy!

He struck the wolf’s face with his big and mighty paw. Blood poured and the wolf screamed in pain!

The lion turned to the fox and said: “Maybe you can be better at dividing the spoils! Show me!”

The fox looked at the wolf smiled, bowed and said:

“I think it is only fair to give you the hare! It should be good enough for breakfast. It will keep you full until dinner! Then you should probably have the big fat zebra too! It would make a good supper.”

He paused and saw that the lion was looking at the goose. The fox pushed the goose towards the lion and said:

” You know what! You might get hungry in between meals, I also give you the goose! “

The lion was very happy and satisfied: “Who thaught you to be this fair?”

The fox looked at the wolf and said: “The blood on my friend’s face did!”

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